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We invest in early stage healthcare technology companies

developing solutions for some of the greatest challenges in healthcare, such as mental health, chronic conditions and extending health span

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Chronic Conditions

Since we are living longer, we are more likely to develop a chronic condition during our lifetime (and probably die from it) so we invest in the prediction, prevention and management of these conditions

People are living longer but not necessarily living better. We focus our investments on companies promoting healthy aging.


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Mental Health

Mental health is an integral part of healthcare and there is no good clinical outcome without taking a holistic approach of the patient, so we invest in companies improving mental and brain health

We believe in companies that have a holistic view of patient care and promote prevention, better access, better care or better value

Global reach with a focus in the Americas

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presence in Palo Alto,
New York and São Paulo


We leverage our expertise to invest early and generate better returns to our investors

No spraying and praying

A more targeted portfolio allows us to better support our invested companies


Close but not too close

We assist and advise our founders when they need us

Referral network

We leverage our contacts to better support our founders

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Scientific and clinical validation

Our partners assist our portfolio companies with a roadmap to design health studies that will inform the research, verification and methodologies in real-world data analysis

IKJ Health Innovation I

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Developing a tool for early detection of Alzheimer’s so patients can live better lives

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Transformative cancer detection technology

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The better solution in the outdated health insurance segment, through smart use of patient data, close monitoring and preventative care

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Transforming the future of children with developmental disabilities

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Shortening the gap between symptoms and treatment by integrating the flow of information

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Branded telemedicine or online pharmacy service for pharma companies

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Personalized supplements and vitamins

Artboard 19 copy 8_2x.png

Personalized medicine opens the door to advanced cancer care beyond standard chemo and radiation for dogs and humans

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Truly innovative solution in the clinical support space creating a next best action diagnostics tool for doctors

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Pregnancy and family care for corporate clients

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There is a gap in the women’s care space in Brazil and Oya is well positioned to become a winner


Continuous Potassium Monitor for kidney and heart patients

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Electronic prescriptions and fulfillment

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Addresses serious gaps in healthcare insurers’ operation: lack of patient data, monitoring and preventative care


Acquired by
Carbon Health

24/7 depression and anxiety treatment with a dedicated team focused on patient outcomes

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Chronic disease management delivering better care and value for patients

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One-stop-shop for mental health and wellness, providing companies with valuable data and solutions for its employees

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Acquired by Absci
AI platform to develop new anti-bodies reducing drug development cycle

IKJ Health Innovation II


Developing a novel solution to reducing sugar consumption

Screen Shot 2023-12-12 at 19.42.40.png

Family powered autism therapy


Empowering people through proteomics

Meet the team

More than 100 years of combined experience in healthcare, investment and management


20+ years of Investment Banking experience,

former Partner and Managing Director at BR Partners

Enrico also held Investment Banking and Capital Markets positions at Credit Suisse,

Merrill Lynch and Santander

Board member of

Cariuma and Mevo

Enrico Carbone

General Partner at IKJ and W250
(Stanford Alumni fund)

  • LinkedIn

15+ years of Investment Banking experience,

former Director at Merrill Lynch’s Investment Banking Division


Fabiana also held Investment Banking positions at Santander and UBS

Fabiana Barruffini

Partner at IKJ Health Innovation

  • LinkedIn

10+ years of Investment Banking experience.

Former interim CFO of

Mevo and Partner and Senior Associate at BR Partners’ Investment Banking division, with extensive experience in M&A and Capital Raising transactions.

Vítor Figueiredo

Partner at IKJ Health Innovation

  • LinkedIn

Visiting professor at

Stanford University in

Palo Alto and was a Visiting Scholar at MIT and Harvard


She uses her clinical and research experience to add value to innovative healthcare startups and help build the tools to improve clinical decision-making and efficiency

Camila Maciel

Venture Partner

  • LinkedIn

MD and very


business executive having led numerous Healthcare companies including Fleury, Odontoprev and DaVita in Brazil

He also serves on the boards of Aché, 3778, Humana Magna and Sou Smile.

Mauro Figueiredo

Venture Partner

  • LinkedIn

General Manager

at Carbon Health.

Previously co-founder and CEO at Prairie Health. 

Holds a BS in Bioengineering and MS in Computer Science from Stanford.

Maurice Chiang

Venture Partner

  • LinkedIn

Currently is a

Venture Partner

and Investment Advisor in several Silicon Valley VC funds and is on the Board of Revyz.


Has entrepreneurial roots as a founder/CEO of Zephyr, a venture-backed enterprise software company, which he led to a successful exit.

Samir Shah

Venture Partner

  • LinkedIn

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